#CNWHyyy campaign

In Malaysia, Singapore

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To kickstart the campaign, we created ‘meme’ style posts and used reputable and relevant influencers. We turned the unpleasantness of awkward conversations into witty content, all tagged with the catchy hashtag #CNWhyyy.

Coco-Cola CNWhyyy Campaign, Client at Lion & Lion

Secondly, small videos featuring specific awkward aunty questions was created, such as; "Girl ah, got boyfriend already or not?", or "How's your results from school? Got 'A's?".

Coco-Cola CNWhyyy Webisodes - Lion & Lion

We also created 15s TVCs to capture the attention of our target audience on Facebook. The awkward questions created an opportunity to introduce the intrinsic qualities of Coca-Cola during the Chinese New Year season.

Coco-Cola CNWhyyy Pocket TVCs - Lion & Lion




1.4 Mil

Impressions on social media


Engagement rate

Coca-Cola achieved an EMV of S$160k, 7x higher than expected. In the end, influencers managed to reach 1.4M users with well over 9K engagements for the teaser campaign, and +80% of the influencers used for the campaign outperformed their average engagement rate by 150%.

In Malaysia, Coca-Cola achieved an engagement rate of 86% – 6% more than Chinese New Year in 2016. In Singapore, Coca-Cola achieved an engagement rate of 0.84% across all posts – 18% more than CNY 2016.

Overall the campaign saw an average engagement rate uplift of 12% for both markets – and was featured by regional media such as Mumbrella and Marketing-Interactive.


Watch the case video for a quick recap below.

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