#CNWHyyy campaign

In Malaysia, Singapore

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Chinese New Year provides strong business opportunities for brands, but it’s a crowded window with many attempting different activations based on similar insights. Identifying a key issue faced by youths during CNY – awkward questions from nosy aunties making the annual family reunion an unpleasant one for our core consumers - we were tasked to use this as a basis to spark curiosity, interest and impact among the youth in the weeks leading up to CNY.


To kickstart the campaign, we created ‘meme’ style posts for our teaser. Using reputable and relevant influencers, we turned the unpleasantness of awkward conversations in to witty content, all tagged with the catchy hashtag #CNWhyyy.

Coco-Cola CNWhyyy Campaign, Client at Lion & Lion

Once we got the buzz going, we created webisodes utilising the awkward questions our target audience are asked during CNY; "Girl ah, got boyfriend already or not?", "How's your results from school? Got 'A's?".

Coco-Cola CNWhyyy Webisodes - Lion & Lion

We also created 15s Pocket TVCs to capture the attention of our target on Facebook. The awkward questions created an opportunity to introduce the intrinsic qualities of Coca-Cola during the Chinese New Year season.

Coco-Cola CNWhyyy Pocket TVCs - Lion & Lion




1.4 Mil

Impressions on social media


Engagement rate

Coca-Cola achieved an EMV of S$160k, 7x higher than expected. In the end, our influencers managed to reach 1.4M users with well over 9K engagements for the teaser campaign, and +80% of our influencers outperformed their average engagement rate by 150%.

In Malaysia, Coca-Cola garnered an engagement rate of 86% – 6% more than Chinese New Year in 2016. In Singapore, Coca-Cola garnered an engagement rate of 0.84% across all posts – 18% more than CNY 2016.

Overall the campaign saw an average engagement rate uplift of 12% for both markets – and was featured on Mumbrella and Marketing-Interactive, two of Asia’s biggest marketing sites.