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Identified by Hong Kong consumers as the brand with 'the puffy winter jackets', The North Face saw the need to reposition itself as a relevant brand for active, outdoor enthusiasts instead of targeting only hardcore hikers.

Several outdoor training sessions were planned to position The North Face brand, however, the marketing challenge for Lion & Lion was to build awareness of the brand, effectively engage the target audience and drive registrations to the outdoor sessions.


Several digital marketing initiatives were implemented to position The North Face as the main companion for outdoor enthusiasts and encourage signups for the sessions.

Using an integrated approach of influencer marketing, social media ads and a hashtag campaign, consumers were encouraged to publish user-generated content by uploading pictures of themselves and their friends enjoying an outdoor activity, with exclusive sportswear as the incentive for the chosen winner.



Outdoor Sessions fully booked


Campaign Reach


Instagram Fan Growth

The #OutdoorTrainingHK campaign was a great success for the brand and exceeded expectations with over 300 entry submissions and a total reach of 260,000.

Additionally, both Facebook and Instagram saw a steady fan growth with high engagement for its influencer marketing efforts, driving 100% registrations for all 10 outdoor training sessions.