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Indonesia is on a fast-track to becoming one of the key markets for digital in the region. More than 143 million people are connected to the Internet and more than 92 million people own a smartphone in 2019.

Google saw an opportunity to tap into the massive online population to help make search easier, create a connection with Indonesians, and increase the number of Google app users.


Google leveraged the continuous high search rates for music and the insight that young Indonesians feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information and music apps to develop the #SelaluTauMusik (AlwaysKnowMusic) campaign.

The campaign leveraged Indonesian nostalgia for the traditional ABC Lima Dasar game which was used as inspiration to develop a special version for “ABC OK Google”.

ABC OK Google, Lion & Lion

Data from Indonesian search results were used to develop content that would emotionally connect with Indonesians appetite for music-related content and desire to be always in the know.

7 videos titled, "ABC OK Google", featuring 14 musicians and influencers were produced. The influencers each had to perform a challenge that highlighted the app's key features and challenge their fans to create their own versions with the hashtag #SelaluTauMusik.



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Increase in Google app’s
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increase in
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The #SelaluTauMusik campaign successfully increased the Google app’s daily music search and average users by 15%. Moreover, more than +50 videos were made and submitted by fans re-creating the ABC OK Google game.


The videos gained in total more than +1M views on YouTube,163% higher than the benchmark of similar campaigns.


Watch the case video for a quick recap below.


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