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Indonesians acknowledge that drinking more water helps them stay hydrated during Ramadan, however, the average consumption is only 6 glasses a day, as opposed to the recommended 8. AQUA saw an opportunity to encourage Indonesians to drink more water for proper hydration during Ramadan, as well as drive brand awareness and relevance.


We leveraged the insight that Indonesians' consumption of music and video content continues to increase, as well as their habit of using cues and mnemonic devices to remember things.

We coined the term “Kurmin”, short for kurang minum (lack of water), and communicated the message via a catchy song together with the Trio AIR (Afgan Syahreza, Isyana Sarasvati and Rendy Pandugo) to create a music video.

The catchy music video was amplified on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram Stories and fastly became viral across Indonesia.

The campaign was even picked up by media such as Marketing Interactive (Link)


Facebook engagement rate increase
(1.2% > benchmark)


YouTube retention rate
(40% > benchmark)

4:47 min.

Avg. spent on website
(15% > benchmark)

AQUA gained more than 23M reach with 1.3M total views and 319k total engagement organically through digital ambassadors’ channels.

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