#SuaraTanpaRokok campaign

In Indonesia

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For The World Lung Foundation, our primary goal was to drive awareness of a growing killer disease, in a country where the number of smokers increase year on year.


We initiated the #SuaraTanpaRokok campaign to generate awareness on the dangers of long-term smoking for both active and passive smokers. Together with several tobacco control advocates, a microsite was established, which featured videos, statistics and close-to-home smoker stories. To further highlight the gravity of this campaign, Facebook posts and KOLs were strategically integrated to drive traffic to the website and to engender conversations with our target audiences.

SuaraTanpaRokok Campaign - Lion & Lion


10 Mil

People remembered seeing the campaign online

30 Mil

Impressions on Facebook

19.1 Mil

Impressions on the #SuaraTanpaRokok hashtag

Based on a national survey, a mammoth estimate of 10 million people remembered this digital campaign. A great amount support was shown on social media, from over 30 million impressions on Facebook to 19.1 million impressions on the #SuaraTanpaRokok hashtag.