#SelaluTauMusik campaign

In Indonesia

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Google wanted to assert itself as the go-to search tool for music queries in Indonesia by delivering a rich mobile experience, everyday, to everyone. But to reach its target impressions of +500k, it needed to utilise other digital channels that would drive the people to search.


To show the power of the Google app on a human and functional level, we produced 7 videos titled, "ABC OK Google", featuring 14 musicians and influencers. The KOLs each had to perform a challenge that highlighted the app's key features.

ABC OK Google, Lion & Lion



Views on YouTube


Higher than its initial benchmark


Increase in Google app’s daily music search

The videos got more than +1M views on YouTube, 66% higher than its initial benchmark and a similar campaign made by another brand. Ultimately, this channel increased the Google app’s daily music search and average users by 15%, while the overall campaign resulted in +50 UGCs from consumers re-creating the ABC OK Google game.