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For the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Coca-Cola wanted to become a central part of the FIFA World Cup and establish a connection between the FIFA World Cup and drinking Coca-Cola.

The campaign was aimed at non-hardcore fans who wanted to join the festivities, but did not understand the technicalities. These were called “Cupturalists”. Cupturalists wanted to be a part of the atmosphere, drama and conversations to not feel left out (FOMO).


To effectively engage Cupturalists, the #PickYourTeam campaign encouraged Cupturalists to pick a team during the FIFA World Cup.

The campaign excited cupturalists early on and got them interested in the matches, all while associating drinking Coca-Cola with the FIFA World Cup.

Short videos introduced Cupturalists to the teams before kick-off, and kept them updated with post-match highlight shows.

The videos featured key local influencers as “commentators” and “experts” to make the content more localised and relevant.

The post-match videos were available on social media as early as the same day to retain relevance, increase reactions, and ensure Cupturalists could take part in the conversation the following day.



market share


brand preference

The FIFA campaign #PickYourTeam successfully helped strengthen the connection between drinking Coca-Cola and Fifa World Cup for fans and cupturalists alike and resulted in an increase in market share of 3pp to a 36% share (value terms).


Watch the case video for a quick recap below.

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