Website & E-commerce Launch

In Hong Kong

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First, an analysis of FWD's business objectives was carried out, along with several workshops with the FWD team to understand the brand's interests and positioning.

Secondly, an in-depth research study was conducted to identify FWD's consumer needs and gain insights for the e-commerce platform, web development and integrated digital plan including media, social and influencer strategy.

A multi-channel strategy including influencers, blogs, Instagram and Facebook was then used to drive traffic to FWD's e-commerce website and encourage people to purchase insurance policies online.


Home Insurance increase


Travel Insurance increase


Flight Insurance increase

Within the first 5 months of the launch, the campaign brought an increase of 163% in the sales of home insurance, 127% increase in sales of Travel Insurance and 83% increase in flight insurance sales – a remarkable achievement for the region’s first online insurance provider.

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