Together with Social Listening and Analytics company Talkwalker, we decided to “pasang telinga” throughout May and June to find out which topics are trending this Raya. For both Malaysia and Singapore, fashion dominates the social space with a 70% conversation lead, followed by Beauty at 17%, and lastly Raya promotions and advertisements at 13%.


Robert Glaesener, Talkwalker CEO, isn’t surprised: “As of January 2018, there were more than 1.7bn active social media users in the APAC region, up 14% from last year. Malaysia and Singapore are two incredibly connected countries, so it’s no surprise that the conversation on social increases in the weeks leading up to Raya. Brands looking to engage with this huge audience have an opportunity to leverage on upcoming trends through listening.”



This year’s fashion conversation is centred around hype colours and the best styles of attire. Light blue and emerald green are the go-to-colours, while favour has been placed in the Kebaya for women and slim-fit Baju Melayu for men.

There seems to be a slight uptrend in light blue hues, which could be due to Pakatan Harapan’s win in Malaysia’s general election this year.

Most women are looking for Raya outfits that are both functional and versatile. However, many comments indicate that Raya outfits this year are more flamboyant to the degree that many of them look like wedding outfits.


@EhhSyxx says “My mom be like: Baju Raya fashion these days are more or less like wedding gowns. Better just get hitched straight during this year’s raya. ‘WHY MOM WHY’


@Almanzhaikal says “This woman’s ‘Baju Raya’ design is really fashionable. It looks like you’re going to get married straight after Raya morning



Beauty came in second at 17%, with the conversation mainly focusing on skin care and makeup trends. Beauty experts are giving their tips and tricks on youtube to get flawless, acne-free skin as well as makeup tutorials for the perfect Raya look.

This year’s makeup trend seems to be focusing on a more natural look, with a slight pink and rosy glow as shown below.


Picture: Youtube tutorials for Pink & Rosy Glow Raya Makeup


Raya Advertisements

Finally, Raya advertisements and promotions came in at 13% with most looking forward to all the holiday videos being steadily churned out. Most people on social media share the same enthusiasm and excitement for Raya ads, if not sharing the ads themselves. The most notable one is the TNB #RayaEpikFantastik with many claiming that local ads are “winning the hearts of Malaysians again”.



Last year’s TNB Raya ad’ went viral and won the hearts of Malaysians with its “real” life situations and its comedic element. This year, TNB did it again and it’s a hit! Despite Raya ads in the past always being about “reflection” and emotions, people are loving a more funny and fun these days as Raya is all about being happy with your family” Says Social Analytics lead, Shamim Fareez.

Additionally, Dato Seri Vida (Pink Lady)’s Lavida Raya released on June 1st is currently trending as the number 1 video on Youtube Malaysia (Check it out here!). It even had Malaysians making parodies and memes too, and more than 450 posts on Instagram under the hashtag #lavidarayachallange



Raya challenges are not a new phenomenon explains Social Analytics lead, Shamim Fareez; “In previous years, we have seen people dancing “Gangnam style” and doing the famous “dab” move in their Raya photos and videos, and for this year we expect the Lavida Raya dance to be the go-to activity for Malaysians to do with their families during Raya.”


Get Your Insights with Social Listening

One of the most exciting things about social media is the fact that it constantly reinvents itself. Last year’s trends are so last year. As a brand, that means you have to work hard to keep up and develop fresh content your audience will love.“ says Robert Glaesener, Talkwalker CEO.

Social listening can help your businesses make sense of the buzz, and help you focus on connecting with customers the right way – from shaping the message for maximum impact all the way to measuring what works. If you are looking to run successful campaigns and promotions, social listening insights are the perfect way to find out what truly resonates with your consumers and take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. So you can sit back and enjoy this Raya!


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