What I really enjoy about being in the advertising industry is that you never really start noticing brands or ads unless a brief lands on your desk. The moment you start researching specific products or particular brands, you begin to see the ads everywhere – even while sleeping!



Personally, I’m quite biased towards thought-provoking ads. What I like about them is how they keep you thinking even after quite a while. The psychology behind getting the audience to believe what we tell them by altering their perception or building their advocacy towards a brand remains the biggest challenge yet. For example, yes, we want more yoga pants, but what we really need is yoga pants that make our butts look good! So, how do we communicate this need the right way?


That said, living the agency life also means that there are ads that really stand out to me, and some that are lacking.


Two Ads I Like


Diesel – Be Stupid.



For the longest time, this ad spoke to me as it brought out the carefree side of both the brand and its core fans’ attitude. Each headline is punchy while the accompanying imagery is witty and humorous, portraying the brand’s vision of being unconventional, nonchalant and amusing. In short, the brand encourages us to live life and just be stupid.


Audi – The Comeback


What’s not to love about something as powerful as the T-Rex being defeated by short hands – impeding him from performing the simplest of daily activities, like putting on new bedsheets or driving a car.


Some may criticise that there isn’t any human element or connection in this ad, but I beg to differ. I like to think that the T-Rex is a representation of the audience who values ambition, success and raw power, and that reaching one’s goals with any limitation means that you need to work extra hard. The T-Rex also shows how his tough exterior hides a more sensitive side by being depressed after being mocked on social media and cyberbullied.


One I don’t like


Dove’s body positive packaging


In an attempt to spark conversation about body positivity, Dove created “Real Beauty Bottles”, a limited edition run of six different body wash bottles to illustrate the power of body diversity – ranging from curvy to slender, tall, short, petite, slim, etc.


While the intention is clear and message important, the actual representation of the bottles’ shapes and sizes fall flat, and in my opinion, are downright unflattering. In fact, why would women want to be reminded about their shape and what are they supposed to do with a bottle that looks like their body? Also, the ad received a lot of negative feedback and backlash on social media, with many women being both upset and disappointed with Dove.



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