The #10yearchallenge is taking social media by storm, with brands, public figures, and netizens sharing transformation photos of how they have changed from 2009 to 2019. The hashtag has reached over 4 million posts on Instagram and is trending on Twitter. Content didn’t stop at selfies – companies joined in to show their growth and progression, while NGOs and environmental organisations leveraged the trend to draw attention to alarming developments such as climate changes.


Trisca Dewi, Head of Social for Lion & Lion in Indonesia explains how trendjacking can help position brands and build brand relevance – “It is important to be up-to-speed with social conversations and trendspotting to join the conversation and keep our brand partners relevant while engaging consumers. Thus, having our ears to the ground, capitalising on trends for our brand partners, and being quick to respond is crucial.


Here is how we tapped into the #10yearchallenge for our partners to enhance brand relevance and showcased product evolvement.


Data and Technology

We helped XL Axiata, a leading telecommunications provider in Indonesia, show how technology has been leveraged to improve Axiata’s products and services over the past 10 years. Through Instagram stories, Axiata showed how technology has impacted the way we use our phones. This initiative resulted in an above average content engagement rate and positive Instagram stories replies from XL Axiata subscribers; agreeing on how differently they consume content, play games, and make calls now!



Banking Convenience

For digibank by DBS in Indonesia, we helped demonstrate how far the brand has developed its money transferring services in the last 10 years. Lion & Lion’s simple yet impactful creative for Instagram shows how digibank’s adaptation of technology now allows their customers to transfer money via the digibank app. Initial results include positive comments agreeing on how easy it is to bank today versus 10 years ago. Additionally, digibank received several comments from consumers inquiring how to use the digibank app – a testament to how the initiative drove product interest.



Fast Moving Consumer Goods

For Emborg, a well-known Danish culinary brand, we leveraged the #10yearchallenge to highlight that Emborg continues to deliver high quality even though their identity has changed to purple – a colour that differentiates them in the dairy category. Emborg witnessed an increase in organic engagement by 127% since the post went up.



For premium infant milk brand Nutrilon Royal, we used the #10yearchallenge to showcase that the bond between mother and child remains the same throughout the years. This resulted in more than just higher engagement – followers of the Instagram account also shared their own mother-child photos!



So what do brands gain from trendjacking?  Mahek Shah, Client Director in Malaysia, says, “When the content is relevant and on point, it demonstrates social relevance and provides an opportunity to connect with consumers. Spotting trends early on are easy with social listening tools like Talkwalker.  


She also points out that, “there are also bad executions of trendjacking where brands try to join the conversation, however, find it hard to connect and as a result, publish content that is irrelevant. These can often end up as unrelatable or even offensive and do little to impress followers.


Lastly, leveraging trends and trendjacking is about strengthening continued credibility. Brands need to develop content that is relevant to their audience and consumers, not just leverage and hijack any trend available.


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