Managed and crafted by integrated digital marketing agency Lion & Lion, the campaign #SuaraTanpaRokok initiated by Vital Strategies successfully reached their target audience, seeing a total of 38 million impressions on Facebook, and a reach of 10 million people across Indonesia.


Voice Without Smoke is an initiative from Vital Strategies (formerly known as World Lung Foundation), an organization focused on strengthening health systems for progress in lung health, tobacco control, non-communicable diseases and more.


Worried about the staggering statistic of Indonesia having more than 57 million smokers, and 30% of Indonesian children taking up smoking before the age of 10 (Tobacco Economics in Indonesia, 2012), Working with Vital Strategies, Lion & Lion helped launch a digital anti-tobacco awareness campaign with a difference — designed to reach out to the millennials of today and empower real victims of tobacco to share their stories.


Here is a quick overview of our approach and result:

  • The main purpose of the campaign was to inspire people to support tobacco control policies in Indonesia. Passive smokers and ex-smokers were encouraged to join by Liking the campaign Facebook page and sharing victim’s stories. They were also encouraged to sign up to a mailing list through the microsite
  • Vital Strategies trained a group of university students in Jakarta in photography, then tasked them with interviewing and photographing smoking victims. This generated powerful photo stories for social media which drove high engagement and traffic to the microsite
  • Facebook was used as the main driver to the microsite. Through a strong content strategy, strategic media buying and powerful user-generated content, the campaign made more than 38 million impressions on Facebook and the Facebook page now has over 40,000 followers
  • A national survey undertaken by Vital Strategies in late 2015 found that 8% of people aged 16–24, 5% of people aged 25–34 and up to 11% of people with a university education had seen the campaign on Facebook. Across the entire population, a total of 10 million people saw the campaign online.
  • Happy with the impact it generated our client shared, “A social campaign of this scale was a first for us and the results are proof of how important social is in reaching people in their teens and twenties, who are prime targets of the tobacco industry. In addition, it was highly effective in giving a large number of people the opportunity to be heard sharing their own experiences of the harms of tobacco, which will help to change perceptions,” Dane Svenson, Communication Manager


So how did we digitize the experience for this online campaign? Have a look at the campaign website: and Facebook page:


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