This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Instagram and Medium’s new tools, Periscope’s new Comment Moderation, and why Facebook decided to shut down Notify.

Instagram announces new Instagram Business Tools
Business Tools is a suite of three new features coming to Instagram. Business profiles is a free feature for accounts wanting to be recognised as a business on Instagram. The second tool announced was Insights, which allows businesses actionable information about the behavior and demographics. Finally, Promote lets you turn performing posts into ads right within the app.
Periscope introduces Comment Moderation
Periscope has rolled out a comment moderation system, allowing users to report and vote on comments that may be considered to be spam or abusive. The intent was to build a system that is transparent, community-led, and live, without losing the feeling of a live, unfiltered nature of the platform.
Medium rolls out new publication tools
Publication owners on Medium are getting new tools as well. You can now have a custom domain, Navigation bar linking, Navigation in stories, choose custom branding and organisation, and enable full RSS feeds outside of Medium.
Facebook shuts down its Notify news app
Facebook’s attempt at a real-time, notification-based news app is shutting down. They’re in the midst of transitioning parts of Notify into other Facebook products, ultimately removing it from the App Store.
We’ve been covering this for the past few weeks, and now it’s officially announced that a full suite of tools coming soon to Instagram. It does seem like they’re late to the scene though. We’re currently using 3rd party tools to do the tracking, so it’s going to take quite a bit of convincing for us to switch. Facebook’s termination of Notify doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s common practice for Facebook to use standalone apps as an experimental platform to give new ideas a go. As it turns out, Twitter is still very much the top dog in real-time news.


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