This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Facebook’s new features, Twitter’s new creative formats, and new analytics for Instagram.


Facebook’s New Interactive Live Broadcast Map is Here!
Facebook has introduced an interactive map that shows public Facebook Live streams that you can tune into in real-time. This new feature has been available for the past month, but it’s now easier to find on Facebook’s desktop site. It is now rolling out slowly, but with no news on when it will be available globally.


Facebook live broadcast


Twitter Releases its Audience Platform, Adds New Creative Formats
Twitter has announced that the Twitter Audience Platform is now open to all advertisers worldwide, granting the ability to reach a larger audience and measure cross-device campaigns directly within the ads dashboard. Twitter has also rolled out new creative formats to help advertisers connect with influential, high-intent audiences across mobile and desktop.



Extend the Reach of Facebook Video Adverts Through Third-Party Publishers
Facebook Audience Network will now deliver video ads in both in-stream and in-article formats. In-stream video ads will play before, during or after (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll) video content on third party apps and sites. In-article ads however will appear on publisher’s mobile pages, between paragraphs of text and play automatically when at least half of the pixels are viewable and will start with Instant Articles.


Facebook live broadcast


Instagram Analytics is Finally Here!
The debut version of Instagram’s new analytics feature Instagram Business Profiles now shows the most popular times and days that your followers are on Instagram, along with follower demographics, post impressions and more.


Facebook live broadcast


Instagram Carousel Ads Now Support Video
Advertisers can now share up to five pieces of content in either video or photo format. Instagram’s internal data suggests that the time people spent watching video on Instagram has increased by more than 40% over the past six months, thus adding video to an existing campaign drives higher favourability than campaigns with static photos only. Here are how two companies, Disney and Jeep, are reaching customers with the immersive content offered within video carousel ads:


Video Carousel Ads from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.


Instagram is continuing to adopt new features from its parent company Facebook. Once a simple photo sharing social app, more brands are starting to realise its importance. We as marketers are getting more tools that will help us delve deeper into our analytics and insights, thus improving our future creatives and campaign. Facebook continues to invest heavily into video and we completely understand why. It’s reported that the digital video ad market will continue to grow to $14.8 billion in 2019 in the US alone – a huge market that Facebook will not want to miss out on. Twitter on the hand is still playing catching up, as we see continue more ad types become available. We’ll have to wait and see if both Facebook and Twitter are late to the video ad party, which is currently dominated by YouTube.


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