This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat’s new features, as well as YouTube’s new video ad creation for businesses called YouTube Director.


Facebook launches Store Locator to increase and measure in-store visits and sales
This new feature will help businesses that use local awareness ads drive people to their stores, while measuring the amount of visits and in-store sales. Now, users can click on the map in the ad to see address information, store hours, a phone number, the website, and also estimated travel time. It is available to all advertisers and can be added to any local awareness ad.



YouTube Director goes live
YouTube announced the release of a suite of products designed to let business owners create video ads from their phones. The video showcases how business owners with no background in creating video ads can create and upload a YouTube ad within 20 minutes.


Pinterest makes ads more effective with new targeting tools:
Pinterest added three new targeting options that allows marketers and brands to advertise promoted pins by combining their own business data with Pinterest’s. These new options include customer list retargeting, website visitor retargeting, and lookalike targeting.



Snapchat Launches Advertising API
Businesses and brands can now work with Snapchat Partners to buy ads on the platform. Partners are divided into two categories: Ads Partners and Creative Partners. Ads Partners help brands buy, optimise, and analyse campaigns, while Creative Partners specialise in Snapchat’s vertical-video format (soon to be rebranded as Snap Ads).

Snapchat adweek


Apple News Now Supports Social Media Embeds
The latest release of Apple News now gives publishers more tools to play with. We’re now able to embed Facebook and Vine posts within articles, include playable video URLs, and customise feature stories with cover art.


Every week we see a healthy growth of new ad formats available to advertisers. As the competition gets stiffer, this can only mean that advertisers are ultimately the winners here. Expect to see more innovative options coming to us, such as advanced targeting features, localised targeting, as well as remarketing tools – all available at the advertiser’s disposal.


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