This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at all the new features from Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.


Snapchat uncovers Discover
Snapchat’s new Discover page features a Pinterest-style grid of tiles, while the Stories page now combines the two rows of Discover and Live Stories into one scrollable row of non-friend content. This update would improve community-curated and professionally made content to be more attractive, thus making channel building more lucrative for publishers.


Facebook brings new 360 photo to mobile
You can now easily share 360 photos on Facebook. Simply take a panorama with your phone or capture a 360-degree photo using a 360 photo app or 360 camera, and then post it on Facebook as you would a normal photo. 360 photos are easy to identify in News Feed: just look for the compass icon on the right-hand side of the photo.


Twitter introduces Insiders
Twitter Insiders is a one-stop solution for recruitment, design and collection of live research. Its goal is to make consumer and market research more timely and accessible. This new program is comprised of a network of more than 12,000 anonymous users from US and the UK. Twitter gives agencies and brands the option to work directly with these Insiders and help foster collaboration between companies and their customers.


Videos replies in Facebook comments
Facebook announced that videos in comments are now available worldwide! You can upload them as replies to posts by people and pages, as well as within groups and events.


Embedding Twitter timelines now a lot easier
Twitter announced that it is now easier to add rich, responsive Tweet displays directly to your website or CMS. Rather than needing to create timeline widgets for their accounts, users can customize an embeddable timeline display on Twitter Publish and simply copy and paste the code into their website.


This week’s new features are all exciting, but only two of these really catch our attention. Snapchat’s change in their content and user experience shows that Snapchat is here to stay. The move attracts brands and advertisers alike to advertise to their 100 million user base, which they claim to be the best way to advertise to 13-34 year olds. Facebook’s new 360 photo is one which our Creative and Social team is excited about. This will open up more ways for us to engage with users and who knows, maybe we’ll see a 360 ad in the future.


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