Weekly Social Wrap-Up is our update on the most tender, juiciest, leanest cut of news happening in the social media world. Today, Periscope gets an upgrade to support professional hardware, Facebook adds monetisation options for publishers, while Instagram releases app on Windows 10 tablets.


More Broadcasting Options With The New Periscope Producer
Periscope rolled out Periscope Producer – a new way for users to stream live videos to their Periscope accounts from devices other than phones and tablets! Now broadcasters can stream high-quality live video from external sources, including streaming software, hardware encoders and professional cameras on Periscope and Twitter. This could be a great way for us to stream our weekly internal Lion School too!

Monetisation Options Added to Facebook’s Instant Articles
Facebook rolled out more options for publishers to monetise their Instant Articles. Facebook now supports new formats for direct sold and audience network ad units including larger and flexible ad units in Instant Articles. Facebook also announced that publishers that monetise instant articles through the Audience Network now have access to video and carousel native ad formats across iOS and Android.

Instagram Made a Subtle Yet Important New Feature
Today Instagram has made a really important change to its app. If you see a friend post something that feels like a cry for help, you can do something about it — without being confrontational. Addict Aide’s “Like My Addiction” campaign is a brilliant piece that showcased a fictional profile of an addict seeking help. Instagram is providing this option to make a report and help those in need. It is a social platform, after all.

Instagram Now Available on Windows 10 tablets
Users on tablets running Windows 10 are now be able to use the Instagram app to snap all their favourite brunch pics. Still no app for iPads though.
We’ve always felt limited when it comes to broadcasting content on Periscope (and other platforms like Facebook Live) due to the quality we’re uploading from our phones. Now with Periscope’s Producer, the tides have finally turned. We have the option to properly produce high-quality content and stream them live to users. Perfect timing for us to live stream our Lion School, especially when we have special guests over!

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