This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Snapcat’s new 360 ad format, Instagram’s new Events feature, and Facebook updating Carousel Ads to support 10 photos.

Snapchat Don't Breath

Snapchat unveils 360 ad format
Snapchat announced its new 360 ad format in conjunction with Sony’s new horror flick, Don’t Breathe. It essentially works just like a regular 10 second video on Snapchat that allows users to swipe around – but in this case, swiping up will reveal a 360-degree version of the trailer via a web page link inside the app.
Instagram Stories

Instagram debuts Events feature that curates videos
Instagram announced it is rolling out a video channel on its Explore page called Events, that curates user-generated videos from major events like concerts and sports based on an algorithm. Just like the rest of the Explore page, videos will be personalised to each user based on the photos and videos they like and who they follow. It’s only available in the US so far, but they’re planning to bring this to the rest of the world soon.
Facebook Social Plugin

Facebook Carousel Ads now up to 10 photos
Brands may now include up to 10 photos in the Carousel Ad format, up from the previous limit of 5. The ad guide found on Facebook’s page is not updated, but we’ve confirmed this internally to be working.

Pinterest introduces promoted video ads
With the growing popularity of videos on Pinterest, they’ve rolled out Promoted Video. It’s a new way for businesses to share their ideas and making it easy for consumers to try out these ideas. The ad is currently only available to businesses with managed accounts in the U.S. and the U.K.
While Snapchat is not the first platform to introduce the 360 ad format (Facebook introduced the world’s first back in November 2015), 360 video is not a trend that will fade away soon. We’re beginning to see brands take on new ways to promote products and services through 360 videos: Air Asia and NESCAFÉ have created campaigns using this tech. We definitely hope to see more ad formats supporting 360 videos too.
Facebook’s Carousel Ads have traditionally performed very well for us, even with its (old) limitation of 5 photos. We’ve always felt somewhat limited in some of our creatives, so having up to 10 photos means we can just feature more products and visuals. And we’re giving video support a huge welcome too!

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