This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Facebook’s mid-roll ads and Reddit’s and Tumblr’s new ad options.

Vin Diesel on Facebook Live. Credit: Vin Diesel via Facebook

Facebook experiments mid-roll ads in Live Video
The social network is currently testing out mid-roll video ads within live video broadcasts. At the moment, the ads will only appear five minutes into a broadcast, and may last up to 15 seconds or less. It’s only being tested by a select few, however, so most of us won’t be seeing them anytime soon.
Reddit gives brands new ad option
A new ad option called Promoted User Posts is available on Reddit. This lets an advertiser identify an organic post that is especially relevant to their brand or product and promote it. The promoted post will need consent from the original poster, however, before being boosted by the brand. Users in return will be rewarded with a lifetime subscription to Reddit Gold!

Tumblr is allowing users to make money from their blogs
Soon, Tumblr will roll out its optional advertising feature to users, allowing them to monetise their own blog. They are still working out the details of the partner program. Fret not, it’s optional if users wish to opt out, and interested parties will need to register for the program first, though (also coming soon).
We’ve seen how social media giants are giving live content a huge push, and this week, Facebook’s attempt to monetise its live video broadcasts speaks volumes. We’ve not seen other platforms try to monetise them as of now, but we’ll want to see more options than just mid-rolls (text based, or may be product ads ala YouTube’s Shopping Ads?).

Speaking of more ad options, Reddit’s new Promoted User Post is an interesting one. We’ve seen a couple of our client’s products being mentioned in detail by Reddit users; so giving brands the chance to promote this user generated content is definitely worth investing in.

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