This week, Facebook is rolling out a new tool to help advertisers make better ads with Delivery Insights.


Facebook launches Delivery Insights to help advertisers make better ads

To help advertisers better understand how well ads are performing, Facebook has introduced Delivery Insights. The tool highlights ad sets that are underperforming, and not achieving their potential reach, then gives the advertiser information, insights and recommendations to optimise the ad sets. We can expect the tool to be rolling out globally in a few weeks


Social commerce: How willing are consumers to buy through social media?

The recent changes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest have improved consumers’ overall shopping experience on social media. Research has found that online shoppers are using these channels to browse for new items, get inspiration and stay updated with what’s trending. The top five purchases inspired by images on social networks are clothing and fashion (66%), followed by gifts (61%) and food and drink and home decor (58%).


4 landing page credibility killers you should eliminate right now

Neil Patel has put together an extensive article on credibility killers of landing pages. The lack of social proof, security, poor grammar and unrealistic headlines all contribute negatively to landing pages. Patel offers explanations of each of them in detail within the article.


Makeup brands are testing augmented reality to drive conversions

The Sephora Virtual Artist app is the retailer’s attempt to help consumers make better purchase decisions. Launched in January, it uses augmented reality technology powered by ModiFace, and allows users to “try on” different lipstick shades using the front-facing camera. This ultimately gives the user a boost in confidence, knowing exactly how it would look prior to making the purchase.


New benchmarks: Google AdWords cost per acquisition across 20 industries [study]

An extensive analysis of more than 2000 clients was conducted by Search Engine Land. They’ve found that the average CPA in AdWords across all industries is $59.18 on the Search Network, and $60.76 on the Display Network. The highest average CPA at $135.17 comes from Legal advertisers on Search Networks; Dating & Personals industry checks in at only $6.91.


Instagram just switched things up again… on desktop!

Instagram is updating its desktop app with a notification system similar to its umbrella company, Facebook. The web counterpart to the popular photo-sharing app has slowly been updated to match the phone version. It is now available for all.


Twitter turns 10 – here’s a look at how the social network is celebrating

Twitter has undoubtedly changed the way people communicate online – most notably with its 140-character format that prompts us to be more considerate with our choice of words. The social network celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Monday, 23 March, and fashionably  kicked off an online celebration on its blog.


3 upcoming trends in paid search

A Search Engine Land columnist shares her predictions based on current trends in the search marketing world. She predicts that we can see more of shopping ad units (ala Google Shopping) to emerge. She also predicts that the experience across desktop and apps is becoming more seamless, hence allowing ease of advertising within apps in the future.


Google updates Search Advertising exam for Google Partners

Google has quietly updated its the Search Advertising exam for Google Partners. Other than saying it has been “revamped”, Google is also offering help with passing the exam via a Google+ post. You can join them on the Google Partners Shopping exam here:

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