This week, we take a look at the factors that affect AdWords’ Quality Score, taking a deeper look at its importance and future.


Reverse-engineering AdWords Quality Score factors

Google has recently launched a new version of the AdWords API, allowing users to download Quality Score information at scale. Quality Score, along with your bid and ad extension data, is how Google determines your Ad Rank. Being the second-largest component of Ad Rank, Search Engine Land takes a deeper look at its importance and future.


Survey: More than half of customers will defect unless their feedback is recognised

A majority of respondents feel that their feedback is ignored by businesses. The survey argues that feedback is a key tool for customer loyalty. Ignoring these feedback will almost certainly damage customer retention. It is also found that those who leave feedback, actually expects some sort of response – with 55% saying that they would be less likely to remain a customer if their survey is ignored.


7 reactions to whether the new, smaller iPhone is bad for mobile advertising

Apple today announced the comeback of the smaller sized iPhone SE, based on the older 4 inch models. While some advertisers feel it’s a good thing, others don’t. While it is harder to display content such as forms.


Lion & Lion at Social Media Week Malaysia 2016

Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 brought together some of the region’s best and brightest minds to discuss the future of social media marketing. Our team were invited to attend the event, and also honoured to have two Lionesses represented at the panellist discussions. Here’s our top 5 takeaways from Malaysia Social Media Week 2016.


Instagram is overhauling its feed: Show images based on your interests first

Instagram previously acted more like rival Twitter, showing posts in reverse chronological order. This is because users are now bombarded with so many posts per day, that some of the more interesting ones are missed out. This new algorithm will give higher priority to posts that each user is likely to care about most.


Here’s what it takes to become a YouTube star: Time

The long awaited video ad format may be coming soon. It is currently being tested among a small group of users and internally within Pinterest. The video uses an autoplay function that begins the video when a user stops scrolling over them. The video length is still currently being tested.


Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: 140-character limit is staying

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has just confirmed with NBC’s “Today” show that they will be maintaining the 140-character limit. The previous rumour that they will be expanding to a possible 10,000 character limit seems to be thrown out of the box, as Dorsey reiterated that tweets will remain at 140 characters.


Infographic: The 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape

The marketing technology landscape now hosts some 4,000 companies, a massive jump from 150 back in 2011. Visit the link above for the entire infographic.


Twitter’s algorithmic timeline is now live by default for everyone

It has been a month since Twitter launched its new timeline, which sorts tweets in your feed according to relevancy. Twitter has now turned on by default for all users. Users are still able to choose to opt out of it within the settings page.

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