This week, we take a closer look at L’Oréal Paris’ annual Women of Worth Campaign, how it has helped generate 5 times more organic reach.


L’Oréal Paris looks to WOW Malaysian women

L’Oréal Paris is one of Malaysia’s first beauty brands to utilise “Facebook Live Video”. This gives fans a sneak peek to the annual Women of Worth (WOW) campaign, and has helped to generate 5 times more organic reach. Great work, team!


Customer Match: Common questions & how to answer them

Google’s release of Customer Match last year is essentially a new way of building remarketing lists in AdWords. This allows marketers to upload a list of email addresses, and when they’re signed in to Google Search, YouTube or Gmail, you can show them ads. Search Engine Land gives the basics of this new feature, and addresses several frequently asked questions.


It’s foreign vs. local in Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market

The competition in the online retailing space is getting stiffer in Southeast Asia. Local companies are looking for new ways to market and compete against international giants, such as Lazada, by establishing ties with domestic logistics businesses and manufacturers to boost competitiveness. This article from Nikkei takes a deeper look at the landscape of the region’s e-commerce market.


Facebook launches free WordPress plugin to let publishers create Instant Articles with ease

As Facebook is set to open its Instant Articles feature to publishers next month, they’ve released a free WordPress plugin that helps publishers to easily create Instant Articles. The open-source plugin creates a special RSS feed that automatically optimises Facebook posts, and simplifies the process of generating and publishing them.


Dove and Twitter built a tool to measure how positive or negative your tweets are

Dove and Twitter is taking a deep look on how social media affects self-esteem.

Here’s how it works: Retweet this post from Dove’s Twitter, tagged with the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful. Dove then automatically responds to the retweet with a link to a custom microsite and displays a personalised chart to shows how a person’s negative tweets stack up to other women. The brand’s own research found that 80% of women come across negative chatter on social media; 72% of girls saying that they are criticised weekly.


Here’s what it takes to become a YouTube star: Time

A survey showed that only 2% of YouTube creators have more than 100,000 subscribers, while 9% have between 5,000 and 100,000 subscribers. The remaining 89% of creators had fewer than 5,000 subscribers. The result has showed that it takes years to break ten thousands subscriber mark, requiring content producers many hours of work put into publishing the content.


Video sites millennials can’t live without [Infographic]

Adweek has published a study by Defy Media on how Gen Z and millennials consume media. YouTube, Netflix and other social media are amongst the sources of videos which respondents say they can’t live without. Among other top reasons to watch videos: killing time, keeping up with news, and to wind down from the day.


A look at the Wahlbergs’ burger business that became a global brand

First opened in 2011, the Wahlburgers restaurant has been a huge success for the famous Wahlbergs. The family have turned to reality TV as a platform to turn the business into a global brand. It is the highest-profile example yet of a reality series, which not only acts as a revenue generator, but also simultaneously propels the brand itself to greater heights.


British Vogue tests breaking fashion news alerts on WhatsApp

Vogue may be one of the first fashion magazines to join the messaging app, sending the latest runway looks and fashion news to followers’ phones. This is considered to be an alternative to Twitter or tabloids for those looking for the latest fashion news. To get Vogue’s alerts on WhatsApp, users can text “Fashion” to Vogue, to be able to receive their alerts.

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