Facebook Messenger adds music, starting with Spotify song sharing


This week, we look at 6 interesting SEM news stories; 63% of the world’s population now owns a mobile phone; and Facebook Messenger adds music with Spotify. Read on to see what has been happening over the past week.


Facebook Messenger adds music, starting with Spotify song sharing

First it was the Transportation hub with Uber, and now Facebook Messenger is launching “its very first music integration” with Spotify. Within the app, tapping the “More” section in chat threads will show a Spotify option. This brings you to Spotify’s app where you can “Search for something to share.”


Here’s 6 of the most interesting SEM news stories of the week

After Google’s removal of Right Side Ads, we now see an increase in CTR as a direct result of this. The only ad position where the CTR dropped after the change was position 3 (-5.6% CTR change); and position 4 showed a large increase (+18.2% CTR change), while position 1 and 2 showed substantial increases as well (+8.4% and +7.7% respectively).


Meanwhile, here is Google’s take on removing Right Side Ads

Google found text ads on the right simply to be less useful since users didn’t click on them as much as other ads. Ultimately, this update seeks to improve the user experience on Google Search to be consistent across desktop, tablet and mobile.


63% of the world now use mobile phones

That’s almost 2 in every 3 person in the whole world own a mobile phone. Read on for more details regarding global mobile use.


Facebook plans to open Messenger to publishers at F8 in April

Last year, Facebook announced that it will be expanding its Messenger chat app. This year’s annual F8 conference, we will see Facebook officially allowing publishers to distribute content through Messenger.


Facebook adds 36K Telenor employees to Facebook at Work as it gears up for global launch

Here’s something we’ve been missing for some time. As Facebook prepares its global launch, the enterprise version of Facebook has 60,000 companies on the waiting list in closed beta. The social media giant is looking to add more features to Facebook at Work, after its plan to launch out of beta later this year.


Facebook adds email sign-up forms to Instant Articles

Publishers may now include email sign-up forms in their Instant Articles. These email sign-ups could be a way for publishers to own some of the audience they borrow from Facebook by hosting articles on the social network. Should users decide to sign up for an email newsletter, it has a better chance for him to check out its articles even if they don’t appear prominently in their Facebook feeds.


Live streaming video survey finds 44% of brands have produced live video; 20% plan to

A new survey by Brandlive is looking to set an industry benchmark for live video content.  Majority of the brands currently use live stream video content for training, product launches, consumer marketing and e-commerce sales. Two-thirds of the survey participants said this form of content was either “Important”, “Very Important” or a “Top Priority”, perceiving the benefits to be a “more authentic interaction with audience”.


Google’s new payments app means never having to pull out your wallet

Google released a new app called Hands Free, which allows people to pay for items in stores, simply by telling the cashier, “I’ll pay with Google”. The cashier then confirms your identity by using your initials and the photo you’ve loaded onto the Hands Free app – it’s that simple. Of course there are many concerns revolving security and privacy, read on the link above for discussions on that.


How Instagram drives decisions at fashion brands

Digiday has reported that Instagram has become the top social platform where users engage with fashion brands. As a first point of contact, fashion retailers are increasingly using the platform as a rich vein of consumer and industry information – helping to conceptualise production design, engage with customers, and determine where advertising and content marketing resources should go.

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