DiCaprio’s Oscar win sets new Twitter record


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DiCaprio’s Oscar win sets new Twitter record

Leo’s first Oscar win is now the most tweeted moment in Oscar history, previously held by Ellen DeGeneres’ group selfie. Twitter says there were a little more than 24 million Oscar-related tweets over a 7.5-hour period before, during and after the ceremony, resulting in 3.9 billion impressions across Twitter’s platform and the web.


Facebook officially launches canvas ads that load full-screen rich media pages in-app

Think of it as where Instant Articles meet Instant Ads. Facebook officially launched its ad Canvas for all advertisers. Clicking a Facebook News Feed ad connected to Canvas opens a full-screen, rich media page inside of Facebook, rather than forcing users to wait for a mobile website to load. This allows advertisers to reach people without making them leaving the social network.


This Is Why Google AMP Is So Much Faster Than The Mobile Web

It’s been a week of big news since Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page effort which officially debuted last Wednesday. It promises to deliver content at blazing fast speeds. Adage reports how Google plans to deliver just that.
Also, here’s how you can get in on all the AMP action with all that you need to know about it.


Facebook adds Reactions: ‘love,’ ‘haha,’ ‘wow,’ ‘sad’ and ‘angry’

Now, you can have different reactions on top of liking, commenting or sharing something. For us marketers, Reactions will be added on top of Comments and Shares as engagement. We hope to see a breakdown of the Reactions in our measuring tools sometime soon. If you don’t see it yet, here’s how to get them.


Brands are missing the link between consumers’ purchases

New data shown exclusively to Marketing Week reveals consumers buying certain products are more likely to buy goods in other seemingly unrelated categories that brands could dismiss as irrelevant. “By being a shopper for one product category, you are incredibly likely or equally unlikely to be [a shopper] in another.” said Edward Thomas, head of audience at Skimlinks.


Here’s what you’ve missed on the Mobile World Congress

If you’ve missed this year’s MWC, fret not. Adage has put together a summary of what marketers and agencies need to know to stay up to date.

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