Fashion brands are taking Instagram from gimmick to strategic


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Fashion brands are taking Instagram from gimmick to strategic

With the rising popularity of Instagram, brands are slowly figuring out ways to make use of the platform. The visual nature of Instagram means that brands aren’t just able to show off their products – they can also sell a lifestyle. Younger retailers mixes product images and memes of particular lifestyle elements, while higher end fashion brands promote its fashion shows and build anticipation. As for us, we’re super excited to see more brands embracing and integrating Instagram into their marketing mix.


Google removing ads from right side of desktop search results

The search engine giant has decided to remove paid ads from the right side of desktop’s search results. However a fourth ad will appear above organic search results, but only for queries that have high search volume, such as “car insurance” or “hotels in New York City”. Expect to see the changes in the coming weeks. And since we’re on the topic of Google’s Adwords…


AdWords Drafts now gives advertisers ability to review campaign changes

Marketers using the web version of Adwords may experience the accidental changes being pushed live throughout the whole campaign. A new option called “Drafts” allows for multiple changes without having to instantly implement them. This too will be rolling out over the coming weeks.


Line Integrates Bike Taxi Service Go-Jek Into Its Chat App In Indonesia

The popular chat-app Line has teamed up with popular motorbike taxi on-demand service Go-Jek. Users in the country can now summon a Go-Jek driver from inside the Line app. It seems like Line is looking to provide more services to its users than just a basic social app. The company is also developing a digital concierge service as part of its effort to be more than just a chat app. We believe that these new partnerships are the first of many coming this year.


Official Launch Date for Google AMP Confirmed

Adage has reported that Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is launching this February, 24. AMP is similar to other proprietary platforms like Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News. However, AMP is open source, allowing anyone to be able to use it. Google is looking to reinvent the mobile web, delivering near instant load times at (around 85% faster).


Three plans to deploy ad blocking across its mobile network, industry responds

Mobile operator Three has announced it’s going to begin ad blocking network-wide in the next few months. Analysts believe this may be the first main play in operators’ move to take back control over mobile advertising, it could also open up more revenue streams for the operator. While it does not concern most of us in Asia for the time being, we may see local operators implementing similar tech.


Twitter rolls out optional feature to curate users’ timelines

Twitter has introduced an algorithm that will reorder the top of users’ timelines with tweets it predicts will be interesting and relevant. It will be sorted based on account interactions, engagement, user interests and network activity. This feature is optional, and works just like the “While you were away” feature intended for users to quickly catch up on interesting tweets.


Instagram now allows users to switch between multiple accounts

Social media managers rejoice! Now we’re able switch between multiple accounts (up to five)  easily. Instructions on how to add or remove accounts can be found here.


Google to provide 24-Hour AdWords support throughout the work week

Google’s AdWords team announced they will now be offering 24-hour support on social media, namely Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and YouTube. Questions will be answered in English and usually within a couple of hours.


AdWords automated bidding gets an Overhaul; welcome, Portfolio Bid Strategies

Another segment on Adwords, Google will be rolling out a revamp of AdWords automated bidding. Key things to note is that managers will be able to create or add to bidding strategies from the Campaigns Setting tab (no need to dive into the Shared Library), and portfolio bid strategies for Target CPA can have different CPA goals for separate ad groups. Read the full report here on Google+.

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