Influencer Marketing and what you need to know about FTC guidelines


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Influencer Marketing and what you need to know about FTC guidelines

The shelf has published a handy yet comprehensive guide to influencer marketing for brands and marketers. You can also read up on their guide to selling during the holiday season with the help of influencers.

Instagram will start displaying video views in a push for more ads

The Facebook owned Instagram announced that it will start counting views on videos. Previously measured with just “hearts”, this metric will give us a better measurement of performance. Instagram will mark a view at the three second mark, like Facebook.

Also, ads now video ads now are up to 60 seconds in hopes to attract TV spot ads on its platform.


7 Brands start their marketing efforts on Snapchat prior to Super Bowl

Taking advantage of the advertising cultural phenomenon, brands have used Snapchat as part of their effort to tease and kick-off their campaigns prior to Super Bowl. Click through to see these 7 brands’ Snapchat videos.


Facebook makes it easier for admins to post in multi-languages

Facebook is currently testing to allow Page managers are now able to write multiple versions of a post in different languages. It will automatically display the language most relevant to users based on their settings.


LinkedIn closes its doors on its ad network after 12 months

After the acquisition of Bizo at $175 million back in 2014, LinkedIn have decided to shut down its ad business after accounting for only 21% of it’s Q4 revenue. We’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out, given the demand and success of its sponsored content.


Dedicated GIF button being tested on Twitter mobile

Some users may start seeing a button that appears between the camera and poll icons on the Twitter for Android app. Although Twitter run many experiments and new features, but we sure hope to see this one come to light. Who doesn’t love a little more GIF on their feed?


Whatsapp hits one billion users!

That’s about one in every seven people on the planet using the app.


Data Mining on the rise along side videos and visuals on social media

With more social media utilising videos and visuals, we have yet seen much data on how videos perform on social media. Expect to see more companies mining for data to get a better understanding of the audiences and consumers, and in the long run dictate how we produce our videos in the future.

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