Facebook News Feed Algorithm Now More Influenced By User Feedback


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Facebook News Feed Algorithm Now More Influenced By User Feedback

Facebook empowers users to choose what they want to see on their feeds, reminding page owners that simply asking for likes and shares is not enough for the growth of your audience.



Facebook’s Ad Volume Has Grown For The First Time In Two Years

Mobile ads alone generated 80% of Facebook’s $5.6 bil. ad revenue in Q4. CFO David Wehner attributed the pricing and volume increases to Facebook showing more ads on mobile where they appear in the pricier news feed as opposed to desktop where they can also appear in the cheaper right rail.



Instagram Massively Increased The Number Of Ads It Shows In The Last Few Months

Frequency of ads shown on Instagram increased tremendously, according to Brand Networks. In August 2015, ad impression was 50 million. By December 2015, this figure increased to 670 million. At the same time, the cost of serving ads increased a little.



Facebook’s New Like Button Options Are Coming ‘In The Next Few Weeks’

Facebook’s adding in a number of other options in addition to the Like button in a few weeks. Soon you’ll be able to express yourself with ‘Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry’ instead of just the good ol’ ‘like’.


Nissan Taps Popular Millennial Games For Its Latest Social Push

Besides T-Mobile looping Drake in for a round of Hotline Bling dancing, Nissan spreads the love for the Nissan Altima through Cars Against Humanity – Altimatums through social media and is also downloadable from their website.



Whatsapp Hits One Billion Users, Remains In Search Of Revenue

Where will Whatsapp find a source of revenue since it scrapped its subscription fees? This article raises more questions than answers.



Global Digital Statistics For 2016

This 500+ slides consist of global digital data, mobile data, social media trends and more from 30 countries (including Malaysia).


Star Wars’ Success Helps Disney Overtake Lego As The World’s Most Powerful Brand

Disney earns back the cost of buying Star Wars and takes the top spot for most powerful brand,  revealed the latest Brand Finance 500 report.



Tesco Becomes First Uk Brand To Run An Ad On Twitter Moments

Tesco launched the #FeelGoodCookbook campaign on Twitter Moments, a service available through apps on both Google and Apple. It makes it easier for users to discover content related to the tweets, which encourages storytelling on Twitter.


Martech Landscape: What Is An Ad Exchange?

See how agencies can buy digital ads across a number of publisher sites in automated auctions.


6 Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement

Offering personalised encouragements, sharing fans’ tweets are some of the things you can do to improve your Twitter engagements. Find out other ways you can make use of Twitter functions to get closer with your fans.



Five Trends Driving Programmatic’s Continued Growth

The rise of online publishers gave marketers more choices in digital advertising. With such a large amount of spaces to advertise, most are glad there’s programmatic buying to smoothen the process of media buy


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