This week we look at how Google and Bing fights against spam and bad ads.


Google sent 4 million messages about search spam last year, saw 33% increase in clean-up requests

It is now even more important to verify your website in the Google Search Console. Google explained that in 2015 they saw a 180-percent increase in websites being hacked compared to 2014 and also saw “an increase in the number of sites with thin, low-quality content”. Their announcement today is their latest effort to clean up the search results through webspam techniques.


Should Facebook worry about people sharing less?

Facebook says it’s not worried about the level of sharing from everyday users of the social network, but with a rival like Snapchat surging, the threat to its empire is real. The sharing question has emerged as one of the few potential cracks in Facebook’s social media dominance, and there have been some concerns that people are starting to use Facebook more like they use Twitter — passively consuming content instead of creating new material.


Twitter now bills itself as a news app, not a social network

Eagle-eyed Twitter users have noticed that it’s now categorizing itself very differently in the Apple App Store. In an update yesterday, Twitter now sits in the News category rather than Social Networking. The move shifts it away from its competitors like Facebook, Snapchat and Kik. The switch boosted the app from sixth place in Social Networking to first place within News


Google introduces 6-second Bumper ads

To get consumers to see ads rather than skip them on YouTube, Google is introducing Bumper ads – a new six-second video format, sold through the AdWords auction on a CPM basis. It will not be skippable, and is “ideal for driving wide reach and frequency, especially on mobile where “snackable videos” perform well”.


Twitter and Facebook want publishers and brands to stop promoting their Snapchat accounts

The days of cross-promoting Snapchat accounts on the rival social platforms seems to be over.
As users need to know the exact account name or use the scannable Snapcode in order to follow a Snapchat account, this has led to a workaround for brand, publishers and celebrities. Twitter and Facebook are now discouraging accounts to use their platform to promote Snapchat, citing that it could cause confusion, and at times spam on Facebook’s Messenger.


The rise of ‘micro-influencers’ on Instagram

Turns out that once a social media influencer reaches a critical mass of followers, audience engagement actually begins to decrease. Survey showed that for unpaid posts, Instagram influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have a like rate of about 8 percent, while those with 1,000 to 10,000 followers have a like rate of 4 percent. And the sweet spot for maximum impact? Somewhere between 10,000 to 100,000.


Bing Bad Ads Report: 250 million ads rejected, 150K advertisers banned in 2015

Tech support scams remain at the top of the list of bad actors that search engines have to keep fighting. Bing says it rejected 250 million ads, blocked 50,000 sites and banned 150,000 advertisers in 2015. The usual suspects continue to take up the bulk of attention: tech support scams that plague the system.


The power of “Anchor Influencers”

Producing link-worthy content is a big investment, and columnist Eric Enge explains how relationships formed with key influencers can accelerate your SEO efforts and help you maximize your content investment. The article discusses how to go about developing relationships with these key influencers, as he dubs them “Anchor Influencers”.


Introducing Glossy, Digiday Media’s new fashion and luxury publication

Digiday was founded eight years ago in order to help publishers make sense of how digital technology was upending their businesses. Now, they’re expanding with a new publication to cover another industry in the midst of similar change: fashion and luxury. Glossy aims to cover everything related to the industry, from the deployment of in-store technology to mobile commerce and how social influencers are changing the marketing scene.

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