This week, Facebook changes their News Feed in favour of time spent on previous posts. Also, we look at the research that forecasts mobile devices’ dominance by 2019.


Facebook changes News Feed to favour time spent, publisher diversity

Facebook is changing how it organises the News Feed once more. A number of tweaks to the News Feed algorithm have gone live today, putting greater emphasis on engagement time, or how long people tend to spend on a given post. People don’t typically like or comment on everything they read, so moving forward Facebook will prioritise posts based on how long users spent on similar posts from the author or publisher in the past.


Brands can now create interactive video campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Innovid, a company that powers campaigns for publishers is launching a beta program to make its interactive video ads compatible with social posts. British tea and coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate ran a 30-second video to test the feature. A button in the corner of the screen appears as users scroll over it, where they can take a quiz to find their perfect coffee flavor, buy products from retailers and sign up for emails. The new format resulted in a 35% engagement rate with 4,400 likes, more than 250 comments and 400 shares.


Mobile to become dominant device by 2019

Research from GlobalWebIndex shows that mobile is increasingly becoming the go-to device for consumers. The younger generation aged 16-24 is expected to reach the “tipping point” in the coming months, where mobile will share the same amount of time spent versus PC/laptops/tablets. PCs and laptops won’t be abandoned, but rather the emergence of a bigger and bigger mobile-first audience is here to stay.


Facebook’s Instant Articles is now open to all publishers

We’ve recently mentioned that Instant Articles was slowly rolling out, and now, Facebook has announced at F8 that it is now open to all publishers. Like Google’s AMP, an Instant Article is essentially an HTML5 document that uses a couple of specific tags. Publishers can add text and images, but also slideshows, audio captions, maps, video as well as Facebook likes and comments.


Twitter Moments now includes curated playlists with Soundcloud

Twitter Moments, which purports to curate the ‘best of Twitter’, has worked with Soundcloud to turn Moments into a source for tweetable playlists. Chosen curators (who include Stereogum and Vice’s Thump) can put together groups of audio-enabled tweets, making for a tweetable playlist of sorts.


The Ultimate Ad Dimension Cheat Sheet for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Networks [Infographic]

Every marketer should have this bookmarked – here’s  Dot Com Infoway’s ultimate infographic cheat sheet for social network marketing, updated with the more recent ad types.


Snapchat brings in dynamic emoji

Snapchat videos just got even more interesting with new emoji stickers, which allow you to attach them to objects and move with them, changing size and even orientation. The update is available to Android users and coming to the iOS app “shortly.”


Brand tweets about Prince, including Ones Cheerios and Four Loko pulled

It’s a fine line for brands to be seen as current and tuned into culture, yet risking at being seen as exploitative in moments such as this. Here are some of the brands who wasted no time posting social media tributes to Prince.


A climber and photographer are chronicling their daring Everest expedition on Snapchat

Ever wanted to see a Mount Everest expedition live? Now you can, thanks to Snapchat. #EverestNoFilter is a journey to the top of Everest chronicled in real time by ski mountaineer Adrian Ballinger and National Geographic photographer Cory Richards. You can follow the expedition here on their official page.

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