This week at the annual F8 Event, Facebook made several announcements about updates to their products. Read on below to get up to speed with what’s happening.


Facebook updates its own branded content policy

Facebook recently updated its branded content policy to enable verified Pages to share branded content on Facebook. They’re also offering a new tool that makes it easy for publishers and influencers to tag a marketer when they publish branded content. The tagging is also a requirement for all branded content posted by publishers and influencers.


Burberry becomes the first luxury brand to run a Snapchat Discover channel native ad

Burberry ran its very own Discover channel with a suite of branded content on Snapchat. The channel was dedicated to promoting Mr. Burberry, the luxury brand’s latest men’s fragrance and accompanying capsule collection and men’s grooming products. A collection of articles, videos and interviews, as well as grooming and style tips, can be found there.


Facebook ‘Total Performance Insights’ brings better tracking for crossposted video

Facebook just launched a new way for publishers to easily track the performance of crossposted video. On Pages owned by the same Business Manager, you can now track view counts and total performance statistics across different Facebook pages, as well as view a heatmap for 360 video to show which parts of the video audiences are focusing in on. Click on the link above for a setup guide.


Facebook plans to build augmented reality glasses

In more Facebook related news, the social giant revealed plans to build augmented reality glasses, in addition to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Zuckerberg said he wants the smart glasses to be capable of both virtual reality and augmented reality, something which Google Glass previously tried to achieve.


Facebook is removing its 20% visual text rule

Facebook’s grid tool is gone! That’s because the 20% text rule went along with it. Instead, it is now replaced with 4 categories to determine if too much text was used. Although this is no longer a requirement, we will still continue to adopt the rule as a guideline for our creatives, ensuring that we provide the best experience to viewers.


Facebook hopes its chatbots get you spending ‘way more than you want’ on shopping

WIth 9 million users on its Messenger app, Facebook has announced the integration of chatbot into the app. Developers can now build branded chatbots that integrate with Messenger to communicate with people using a mix of artificial intelligence and human oversight to mimic conversations.


Are people sharing less personal content on Facebook?

While sharing has remained “strong,” according to Facebook, users have been less willing to post updates about their lives as their lists of friends grow. Sharing of original personal stories dropped 21% year over year as of mid-2015. Ad Age reports that this is because people are shifting to Snapchat and Instagram where it has smaller audiences, suited for sharing for intimate moments.

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