Facebook Launches Its Own Version of Twitter’s Moments


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Facebook Launches Its Own Version of Twitter’s Moments

The social media giant just launched its own version of Twitter’s Moments, but for sports. Now you can watch Facebook Sports Stadium. Search for a game you’re interested in and tune in.


Twitter is Now Offering 30-second and Longer, Skippable Pre-Roll Ads

With the release of the longer pre-roll ads (they used to be 6 seconds long), advertisers can now show up to 30 seconds of pre-roll ads.


4 Free Tools to Analyze your Social Media Competitors

Social Media Examiner shared 4 tools to make comparing your social media pages with your competitors’ as easy as ABC. Track your competitors’ campaigns and ads and make sure you’re one step ahead.


10 Most-Watched YouTube Ads in Malaysia

Find out which insurance agency, financial institutions, petrol companies, airlines, mobile phone brands, mobile service provider, F&B companies have grabbed the hearts and minds of Malaysians. Watch popular Malaysian ads on YouTube now.


What Brands Can Expect from WhatsApp’s New Free Model

WhatsApp is going to be free forever, but at what price? Businesses and organisations will soon have the opportunity to reach consumers’ phones through WhatsApp..


The publisher homepage is making a comeback

It’s a fact that most of the time publisher homepages have less visits than articles, as people are interested in the news and often start their search on topics instead of the publisher, and that articles are more often shared. Digital publications are now experimenting with homepages that look more like magazines than the traditional homepage layout.


Google Offers More Details On Ads In AMP, Set To Launch In Search Next Month

Various digital ad tech companies such as AOL, AdSense, DoubleClick, Kargo, Moat, OpenX and OutBrain joined the initiative to support AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). AMP would hopefully improve web browsing experience on mobile and integrate advertisements better. AMP will be implemented in February.


UnsubCentral Now Offers Choices Beyond Opt-Out For Email Recipients

Recipients can now choose other options besides unsubscribing. Instead of a simple unsubscribe, more and more content platforms offer you more flexibility in setting when and what you’ll get in your mailbox in order to improve chances of retaining subscribers.


How Chili’s is Reimagining the Digital Guest Experience

Chili’s became the first restaurant to join Amex’s multi-brand loyalty program Plenti. Browse, order and pay for your meal using a digital tablet across 70,000 Chili’s tables nationwide. Not only will efficiency and productivity go up, businesses will be able to mine a large amount of data to help estimating the amount of ingredients needed for each restaurant.


Creativity 2016 Innovators of the Year

AdAge announced this year’s Innovators of the Year, featuring Droga5 as the top dog. Creativity honours the best of innovators in the field, delivering freshest and most inventive ideas that would pave the future of advertising and marketing.


Pinterest is about to get into video advertising

It’s not enough for the pin pushers to pin images. Now, even videos will be introduced to Pinterest. It’s yet to be announced when they’ll be rolled out to the platform, but you can be sure they’re planning to add videos to Pinterest in the future to compete with other social media platforms.


Jaguar Creates “Actual Reality” VR Experience

While we’re all still waiting for VR tech to be affordable and reliable, brands are tinkering with technological wonders to create new experiences. Going against the trend, Jaguar creates “Actual Reality” VR experience to prove that VR has yet to be able deliver the real experience. How would a young simulated virtual reality tech beat the satisfied purr of the engine? Not so soon, VR, not so soon.


Volkswagen: The Trailer Assist Stunt Video

Volkswagen attached a car to a trailer and drove it around to promote their Trailer Assist Feature on the Passat. Watch the creative stunt video now.

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