TIME DotCom is a Malaysian internet provider that specialises in fibre optics for businesses. 



Over the years, TIME dotcom has established itself as Malaysia’s leading internet service provider. However, consumers were unable to relate to the brand due to its business-led model. The website was beginning to show its age thanks to a poor user experience and information architecture, and the website was not mobile-friendly, calling for a timely revamp.



Modern UX and design was required in building TIME’s brand new website. To bring the content up to modern standards, we built the entire site from the ground up, and optimised it for all platforms – especially mobile – for an improved and seamless user journey.

The landing page was designed to have all the essential elements users needed – promotions, account management, product details and add-ons. In order to help users choose the right products, we added a highly interactive and user friendly product recommender. It had a fast, visually appealing and easy-to-use interface which worked well even on mobile devices. Other elements such as the speed test tool, self help section, and network coverage were also added to enhance the user’s experience on the website.



The website was very well received by the consumers – more than 127,000 sessions were recorded, and overall conversions increased by 47% in the first 3 months.

The campaign also saw us named as the MARKies Winner for Best Idea – Web Design at the 2016 AOTY Malaysia Awards.



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