Indigo Living

Indigo Living is a fashionable upscale retailer that sells furniture and home accessories in Hong Kong, China and UAE. However, many consumers are unaware of its e-commerce offerings. We were tasked to improve the awareness of the brand’s online product availability, increase overall online sales and also achieve a CRR of 0.6 in a short span of six months.


In order to increase awareness of Indigo Living’s product availability online, we resorted to advertising through Search Engine Marketing. We maximised the ad’s visibility by cutting through the clutter in search rankings and optimising the campaign through A/B testing. Users were driven to highly relevant pages of what they searched for, which led to a high sales conversion on the e-commerce store.


In August 2016, we’ve improved the CRR by 69% compared against the previous month. In a mere 3 months, our Search Impression Share have increased by 15%, while Search Lost Budget reduced by 28%. The campaign was a great success, as Indigo Living ultimately achieved over 300% in ROI since the launch of our SEM campaign.


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