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Garnier Men

Garnier Men is a man’s best friend. The brand takes an accessible, refreshing, macho approach to skincare, making it a feel-good brand for young men.


Garnier Men leads Malaysia’s men’s skincare category. Its existing range of products are effective, and they are readily available in the market to cater to different skin types and needs. However, users lack education and awareness of the various products Garnier Men has to offer – a gap which social media marketing tried to fill.


In order to make the brand more relatable to its fans, we looked into the interests of our followers through social listening, and found that our fans relate to creative social posts which focus on humour, gaming and sports.

After building a large enough base, we partnered with first-tier influencers and organised contests with prizes that appealed highly to the audience.


Fans and followers on both Instagram and Facebook grew exponentially; 597% and 56% respectively, which led to more product engagement and enquiries about Garnier Men’s products. Our campaigns expanded beyond the expected sphere of influence; some even had our influencers’ celebrity friends (such as Aiman Hakim Ridza!) helping to spread the word.


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