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Emborg is marketed in more than 84 countries across the world and has established a solid position representing more than 300 different products globally within the seafood, frozen vegetable, meat and dairy categories.



Emborg is a well-known international brand, but its digital presence in the Asian region is relatively low. With zero online presence in Malaysia, we took up the challenge to create a fanbase and brand awareness for this highly loveable, delicious and cheesy brand!


Developing a Facebook fan page for a niche food brand required a bit of creativity on our end. Our social calendar included a combination of different posts to engage fans through a variety of visually delicious, mouthwatering and colourful to see recipes! We started off with simpler posts that are relevant to audiences, such as everyday recipes and seasonal greetings. We then extended our recipes into how-to video guides: from short clips to fully-fledged recipe videos that give the audience inspiration on how to use Emborg products.
Tying offline and online together is also important to us for greater synergy. So whenever the brand runs an offline campaign, our digital media will also give an awareness boost through promoted social posts.


Within a year the page continues to grow steadily, receiving over 15% growth in fans, 10% increase in organic reach for our posts, with an average of 8% engagement rates.
The social media accounts from other regions have picked up our efforts and shared our posts globally with other regions – truly bringing this international brand worldwide. We’re able to expand Emborg’s digital presence into Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore.


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