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AXA is an established global insurance brand with over 103 million customers across 59 countries. The brand prides itself on being reliable, available and attentive to the needs of their customers. 



Cancer protection plans are a niche within the insurance market. While there is relatively little awareness about it, the market also does not fully understand the value of getting cancer insurance. Penetration rate for the category as a whole is low, with benefits almost on par amongst competitive insurance brands. We were tasked with the difficult challenge of raising awareness about this niche, and to educate the market on the importance of being insured for cancer.



In order to educate users and raise awareness about cancer, we created a microsite with a storytelling approach. Real-life stories were crucial to creating authenticity, so we wrote informative articles about actual cancer survivors and empowered patients with a sense of hope.

Ads were then created to drive traffic to both the articles and the website to highlight the importance of AXA’s 110 Cancer Care Plan to show that there’s a life beyond cancer – and it doesn’t need to be a scary topic.


The campaign attracted a huge number of visits and ultimately generated a large number of sign ups for the client.


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