Daisy Wang

November Lion of the Month – Daisy


Always smiling, Daisy is approachable and great to work with. She is adept at managing many projects and is a capable lead in the Creative team. Find out more about what motivates Daisy.

1. What is your role at Lion & Lion? How long have you worked here?
I’m an art director in the Creative Team. I have worked here for 9 months.

2. What projects have you worked on?
I have worked on FWD Insurance, Soho Wines, Qatar Airways, Sophie Paris, World Lung Foundation, Mundipharma, Fitness First, Guardian, Apple, AXA Insurance, Emborg, Nescafe & Time dotCom.

3. What are your thoughts on the opportunities you get at Lion & Lion to work with world class brands?
I’m proud of it, it’s great having the opportunity to work with so many great brands.

4. Every job has its own challenges. What kind of challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them?
One challenge I face is coming up with new ideas. To ignite some of my ideas, I research, using Google, social media sites, and websites to get inspired.
Another challenge can be lack of confidence. Being ready to demand what I’m worth. I will happily demand what I’m worth because I know my service will produce results.

5. Teamwork and communication is essential at Lion & Lion. Describe how you work with your team to complete each project?

Setting Goals
Make sure everyone has clear goals and that they are committed to achieving them.

Project Management
Carefully and systematically plan and organise.

Ongoing Development
Make sure people have the right knowledge, skills and attitudes to do the jobs. Development is not only about correcting weaknesses, it is about upgrading and taking people forward, it’s not just enough to keep up with change.

6. Working at Lion & Lion requires a lot of creativity and passion. How do you stay creative?
Observe the nature around us. Taking a look at trees around me, or my cats. The natural environment gives me some of my best ideas.

7. What do you enjoy most about working at Lion & Lion?
Mostly, I enjoy working with people that always dream big, get sh*t done, and know how to have fun.

8. To be successful is every Lion & Lion’s aim. What does success mean to you?
Success means happiness and the ability to do whatever I love everyday..

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