Keeping Mobile Viewers Engaged With End Screens- WEEKLY SOCIAL WRAP-UP

Weekly Social Wrap-Up is our update on the most tender, juiciest, leanest cut of news happening in the social media world. Today, we look at YouTube’s new End Screens, the new branded content policy on Facebook, and Twitter’s shocking news to axe Vine!


Keeping Mobile Viewers Engaged With YouTube End Screens
Hook your mobile viewers and keep them engaged with more of your content! Now mobile viewers will be able to discover more of your work, find out more about who you are, or go deeper into the topics you cover. In the last 5-20 seconds of your videos, you can now choose to show hard-to-miss thumbnail overlays that prompt viewers to watch your other videos, subscribe, etc..


Twitter is shutting down Vine
Oh no! Twitter shared that in the coming months they’ll be discontinuing the mobile app. You’ll still be able to watch all the Vines that have been made. No reasons were given as to why they are shutting it down though – perhaps they’re focusing efforts into real time news?


Branded Content Now Available for Verified Profiles
We’ll talk a little about legal stuff now; stay with us. Facebook now allows Verified Profiles (such as athletes, musicians, bloggers, comedians, etc.) can gain an incentive to share branded with their fans. This means content (text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos, and Live videos) that feature third-party products is now possible. You might want to read up on their updated branded policy here too.


Twitter Testing New Character Limits for Replies
In a limited trial for some users on mobile, Twitter will not count or display Twitter handles/usernames against character limits in replies. This means regardless if you’re responding to a single user or seven of them, you’ll be able to reply with all 140 characters. It’ll take some getting used to because you won’t see the usernames in the reply too. Let’s hope this eventually gets released for the rest of us!

YouTube End Screens, finally! For ages this is something we’ve been missing. A lot of times we’d have to actually search for the content we see at the very end of a video, since there’s no way we can click on the video captions on mobile. Bear in mind mobile consists half of their overall traffic too, so yes it’s quite a huge deal.

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