Weekly Social Wrap-Up is our update on the most tender, juiciest, leanest cut of news happening in the social media world. Today, we welcome Instagram’s new Stories Ads, mourn the closure of Vine and look into fashion brands’ strategy on WhatsApp.

Instagram Launches Stories Ads
With 150 million active users on Stories everyday, Instagram is adding new ways to monetise the platform by allowing brands to advertise in between its 24-hour video Stories section. Currently, only reach is measurable, but site visits and other metrics will be added in the future. See it in action in the YouTube video below!


Twitter Adds New Feature to Mourn the Death of Vine
Vine was shut down earlier this month, but the videos will automatically loop itself on Twitter as long as the content is under 6.5 seconds. You won’t be able to download the app anymore, but the entire collection of bite-sized videos will be archived at, serving as a memory of fonder days.


Here’s How Fashion Brands Are Using WhatsApp
Tests of new marketing and customer service initiatives have started on WhatsApp. We’re beginning to see chatter from brands like Diesel, Burberry, Clarks, Agent Provocateur and Kenneth Cole on the messaging platform. Even though brands are approaching this as an experiment, some have begun to see success. We can only hope the implementation is not too intrusive in our daily lives.

Months ago, WhatsApp announced that there will not be any advertising on the platform itself but utilise user’s data to help Facebook sell ads instead. This leaves marketers to explore other options to leverage and advertise to its the 1-billion strong user base. There was an outcry back when WhatsApp decided to begin collecting user data, so brands should be extra careful when marketing on the messaging platform. Alternatively, perhaps Whatsapp could add new features such as chat bots i.e. Facebook’s Messenger? We shall see.

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