This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Facebook’s new metrics for video, tools for 360 video, and Instagram’s new comment filtering tool.


New metrics for video viewing released for Facebook
New video metrics in Page Insights and Video Library was released to help publishers better understand who’s watching their videos, audience engagement with Live videos, and video viewing from shares. These updates give publishers new data to help create better videos.

Facebook releases new publisher tools for 360 video

Two new tools were introduced for publishers sharing 360 videos: Guide and Heatmap. Guide gives viewers a guided tour of your 360 video as it plays, allowing for a lean-back experience without missing key moments. Heatmap is a visual insights tool for publishers, showing which portions of a 360 video’s field of view the audience is spending the most time watching.
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Instagram rolls out comment filtering tool
Both brands and users may now filter profane and/or hateful comments on their posts, and even turn off comments entirely. While Instagram already has a basic system in place to block out offensive words, this new feature will let accounts take more charge, allowing them to identify and block terms that may affect them on an individual basis.
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Facebook gives users control over ads
Facebook just rolled out a new feature for users to personalise the type of ads they see on their feed. The Ad Preferences page is updated and easier to use, giving freedom to users to add or remove interests and customise the type of ads they would want to see. In addition, Facebook also updated the HTML of its web ads to fight against ad-blockers.
We’re happy to see new metrics and tools to track how users engage with our videos. Because we’re so data-driven, this will give us valuable insights on user behaviours on social media compared to YouTube.
Facebook’s change in how ads are being delivered to users is in line with their objective to connect users and businesses together. Allowing users to customise their ad preferences means ads served will be more relatable for them. We foresee the quality of clicks from users will generally improve, which is most definitely good news for us and our brands.

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