Facebook Marketing: Keeping Up with the Competitors

Facebook Marketing: Keeping Up with the Competitors


If your business is taking Facebook marketing seriously, chances are you already knew that Facebook is making it harder to get noticed nowadays. With the algorithmically reduced News Feed reach, and the growing volume of content published by business pages, you wonder how your competitors manage to retain their Facebook audience and get more engagement these days.

Here is where your secret stalking skills can benefit your brand. You need to find out what they are doing on Facebook, how they are doing it and what works. Identify your competitors and get the insight on their engagement rate, what they are talking about, the type of posts, the frequency and use it to your advantage.

How to Gain Insight?

1.FB Pages To Watch
Go to the Overview section of Insights on your Facebook page and scroll down to Pages to Watch. Add your competitors’ pages, as well as other pages that get a lot of engagement, regardless of industries and relevancies. This feature facilitates you to see a particular page’s top posts of the week as well as the top posts across all of the pages you’re watching.

2.FB Interest List
Another way of grouping the pages that you want to monitor is by utilising the Interest List feature on Facebook. Click Interests on the left side bar of your personal Facebook homepage and click +Create List.

3.Social Media Analytics Hosts
Keep an eye on your competitors’ growth and engagement and see which ones merit closer analysis to get ahead of them. Get a host of social analytics tools such as Simply Measured and AgoraPulse to analyse your competition on several different social media sites.

4.Find Shared Fan Interests
You may not know that you can do this by only using Facebook Graph Search. Search for the interest of people who like your competitor’s page. For example, simple type “interests liked by people who like Lion&Lion” in the search box to get relevant results.

So now that you know your competitors’ Facebook insights – their posting patterns, their engagement rate, their most effective hashtags, which topics are used often, what works and what does not, where their fans are located, what their fans are interested in – what can you do with this information? Why it is important to be informed of your competitor’s Facebook activities?

Here’s what you can do with the information that you have gathered to get ahead of your competitors:

  1. Identify the type of social contents and come up with topics that may resonate with your customers and prospects.
  2. Attract potential customers and reach out to your target audience.
  3. Develop a potential buyer persona and target your ads more effectively.
  4. Determine which locations you may want to target for future campaigns.
  5. Model the types of posts that are proven to get high engagement on other people’s pages.

After we research what’s working out for our competitors’ brands, we have the tendency to model their strategy. However, we must keep in mind that we need to stand out from other brands in our industry and offer something that they can’t get from any other brands (or at least that’s what we want them to think). So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to put your social stalking skills to good use!

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