This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Facebook’s new Slideshow Ads, Twitter’s new Direct Message Button for Websites, and streaming games over Facebook Live.


New features for Facebook Slideshow Ads
Facebook’s Slideshow Ads now allow us to add text, select templates and choose colours to create a rich visual experience. The new feature promises to bring video to users on every connection speed. We can also choose from audio tracks that reflect a range of different themes, (we’ll be able to upload our own audio tracks soon). All this will be available on the go with an Android mobile device.
Facebook new feature

Twitter Released a Direct Message Button for Websites
A new Message button now lets your website visitors to Direct Message you with a single click, allowing visitors to directly contact you. The feature works best when your account settings allow you to receive Direct Messages from anyone, whether or not they follow you. The Message button is now available to all site owners – read more about the Direct Message feature here on Twitter Publish.
Facebook new feature

Stream Your Blizzard Games to Facebook Live
Blizzard Entertainment (developers of World of Warcraft) added a new feature to its gaming app that allows players to stream their games to Facebook Live. It’s currently limited to PC-gamers in the Americas, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. It will soon be available to all other console and gaming platforms.

LinkedIn Adds New Content Search Features to the Mobile App
LinkedIn rolled out three new content search features on its mobile app. These updates include the ability to: 1) search your feed and find what you’re looking for under the Posts tab of the search results page; 2) refine your search to dive deeper into the topic; and 3) to add a searchable hashtag to your LinkedIn post. The new update is available to all iOS and Android apps, more will be available soon other platforms in the coming weeks.

Facebook’s new Slideshow Ads features could be the response to YouTube’s Director which we covered a while ago. It’s targeted at SMEs and businesses who may be doing their advertising and content in-house, and do not have the resources to compete with bigger brands.

Over on Facebook Live though, could Blizzard be the first developer and brand to commercialise Facebook Live? They’re the first brand to make use of the platform in conjunction to launching their new game (World of Warcraft: Legion). It’s basically free publicity and advertising since all the content is created by its players. This does feel a lot like Twitch and YouTube Live, and both have already been monetising their streaming platform. We may soon see the Facebook Live include pre-roll or mid-stream ads.

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