This Week in Social is our weekly update on the latest changes and trends happening in the social media world. Today, we look at Nike’s success through Instagram Stories, Facebook’s new filter, and the future of Twitter’s Periscope.



Instagram Stories is here!
In case you missed one of the biggest news announced in the social sphere last week, Instagram’s Stories is finally available to all. This new feature allows you to share all the moments of your day, and not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. You can share multiple photos and videos, and bundle it as a slideshow format. Though, it does look uncanningly similar to Snapchat.
Brands dive into Instagram Stories – and they like it better than Snapchat!
Nike and other brands are beginning to explore the possibilities of Instagram Stories, and the results are turning out to be positive too. As a practised brand on Snapchat, Nike has found that the platform is not as “friendly” as Instagram. It’s just so much easier (by design) for fans to follow brands on Instagram, as we see brands on Snapchat finding it harder to build a larger following.
facebook filter

Facebook takes on Snapchat with its very own selfie filter
Twitter is not the only social media giving it a go; now Facebook is joining the filter bandwagon too. Its recent acquisition on MSQRD’s object recognition technology now begins to bear fruit, and you can now create a filtered selfie or photo then add it to your timeline.

Marketers see Periscope as Twitter’s glimmer of hope
As mentioned in our earlier update, Twitter (and other platforms) is betting big on live video. Live, topical, real-time content still works best on Twitter, and Periscope fits perfectly well in Twitter’s strategy. The results are quite promising too, with a number of brands choosing Periscope over Facebook Live. You’ll find our take on this below.
Once again, live, real-time content fills the headlines. With an overflowing stream of content on Facebook’s Feed, it’s easy to dismiss and overlook some of the live video content there. Brands will have to invest more to get visibility on Facebook, while on Periscope, we can expect to see better organic engagement. Periscope’s niche fits perfectly well in Twitter’s grand strategy of providing, relevant and up to date content to followers.

Instagram Stories is already seeing huge success, and brands are loving it too. Seeing how Instagram is built as a “following” platform, while Snapchat is more of a “best friend” platform, it’s natural for brands to generally work well on Instagram. With an existing follower base, and the backing of Facebook, it comes as no surprise that Instagram Stories is an instant hit. We can expect more brands jump on this really soon.

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