5 Key Takeaways from Malaysia Social Media Week 2016

Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 brought together some of the region’s best and brightest minds to discuss the future of social media marketing. It should come as no surprise that the event brought on as many smiles and laughs as it did insights and thought-provoking discussions. From the latest innovations to exciting campaigns, #MSMW16 left everyone richer than they had arrived

To our delight, not only was our team invited to attend the event, but we also were honoured to have two Lionesses represented at the panellist discussions – Meredith Wallace, Group Head of Social & Outreach, and Sarah Kajani, Head of Social Malaysia. Below are our top 5 takeaways from Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 – and how you can put these insights into action for your own social strategy.

1. Creating local content continues to be a challenge. Malaysian YouTuber Dan Khoo cites a combination of intuitive knowledge and experimentation as the key to understanding local tastes. Meanwhile, Jacky Yap of Vulcan Post takes a more data-driven approach with the help of Parrot, a proprietary tool that analyses what’s trending locally. Our take? Invest in talent and tools. A combination of the right minds with the right resources is key.

2. Influencer marketing will only get bigger. The need for bespoke local content and advocacy will drive further growth in the influencer market. The ease at which brands can now work with influencers has increased, with a rise in influencer tools, agencies, and specialists within the region. Panellists weighed in on the importance of finding the right influencer-brand fit. As Niniek Sugiarti, Head of Outreach & PR, states, “Influencer marketing is more than finding reach – it’s about finding authentic ambassadorship for a brand.”

3. Live video streaming will become mainstream. The newly released Facebook Live follows the success of several live streaming apps such as Google+ Hangouts, Periscope, Blab, and Meerkat. Local early adopters of live streaming include L’Oréal Paris, which was one of the first brands in Malaysia to utilise Periscope last year with their #rayacantikbergaya campaign. L’Oréal Paris more recently also ran their behind-the-scenes Facebook Live coverage of the #WOWjourney campaign. Sarah Kajani states “If you haven’t tried live streaming yet, then you are already late. Adapt your social strategy to keep up with the latest innovations.” Expect more brands to experiment in the coming months with live broadcasts.

4. Platform innovations will continue to be a constant. Aside from Facebook Live, the social media giant has also recently launched Facebook 360, Instant Articles, and Reactions. Snapchat continues to constantly evolve it’s advertising offerings as it attempts to monetise. Meanwhile, much to the delight of community managers everywhere, you can now switch between multiple Instagram accounts without having to log out and back in. Expect rapid evolution in the future as platforms evolve quickly to better suit marketers and user-experience alike.

5. Data-driven decision-making will become imperative. The ability to ‘keep up’ will only get harder for marketers. As platforms and user behaviour evolves, marketers will need to back up strategies with thorough research and in-depth campaign reporting. As Meredith Wallace, Group Head of Social & Outreach shares, media efficiency will be a key driver in cutting costs for clients. “With our e-commerce clients, we have been ecstatic to report reductions in cost per order through media optimisation. Understanding what contributed to cost reductions will be a key informer for future campaigns with the brand.” To keep up, brands will need to continue to experiment and evolve fast.

Moving forward
In the world of social media, the only change is constant. Our thoughts? Change before you have to.

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