100 million Daily Active Users on Instagram Stories in Two Months – WEEKLY SOCIAL WRAP-UP

Weekly Social Wrap-Up is our update on the most tender, juiciest, leanest cut of news happening in the social media world. Today, Instagram Stories reports 100 million daily active users, Facebook takes a bite at eCommerce à la Craigslist, and finally, we hang out with Zuckerberg as he demos new Oculus features.


Instagram Stories has 100 million daily active users after only two months
In a mere two months after crashing Snapchat’s party, Instagram Stories has hit 100 million daily active users – that is two thirds of Snapchat’s. Still think their surge in numbers at launch is just another hype? Reckon they’ll surpass Facebook’s awe-inspiring one billion users?

Facebook takes a bite at eCommerce with Marketplace
With 450 million people already buying and selling on Facebook, it’s high time things turn official as Facebook introduces Marketplace. This in-app tab is dedicated to peer-to-peer shopping. Goods are sorted based on relevancy to you as well as location. No ‘pages’ or businesses are allowed for now, but we really hope to see this coming in the near future though!



Hang out with friends virtually with Facebook’s Oculus
Mark Zuckerberg has demoed a new Oculus feature which lets you hang out with friends in virtual augmented reality. Using Oculus touch controllers you’re able to express emotions, use real-world scenes (360 photos) and play games or have a sword fight. We’re still waiting for R2D2-esque holograms though, guess we’ll have to settle with avatar of your friends for now. Watch the demo below:



We’re pretty positive with Instagram Stories progress so far and it’s really amazing that they’re able to achieve two thirds of Snapchat’s numbers in merely two months. We’ve yet seen further updates to the feature that’ll put Snapchat on its edge – so for now, both are similarly close in our books.

Speaking of similarity, Facebook’s Marketplace is turning out to be very much like Craigslist isn’t it? They’ve been at it for a decade now – starting in 2007 it first tried out a “Marketplace” for classified listings, and in 2009 transferred its control to Oodle, then eventually shut down in 2014. Then last year, Facebook took another swing, building a special “For Sale” post option to Groups where a quarter of its 1.71 billion users visit each month. If this does take off, will we see Facebook go all out with brands?


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