Weekly Social Wrap-Up is our update on the most tender, juiciest, leanest cut of news happening in the social media world. Today, Instagram has introduced a new feature for their users to play with. Meanwhile, Snapchat, Facebook, and Line have also taken interesting steps to keep their head up in the social game.


Instagram lets Users Post Swipeable Carousels
Why share a moment when you can share the whole story? Instagram has given users the ability to do exactly that by posting 10 pictures or videos as a single carousel post that friends can swipe through. You can think of them as Instagram albums that collect permanent photos or videos around a theme. It’s a feature that we should definitely look at!


Snap Rewrites the ‘Art of War’
Facebook (along with its Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger businesses) acts as the social system of record for your life. While this has created value for consumers, your life is now permanent for the world to search. Snap decided to go the opposite direction by promising not to document anything about you online, and it’s paying off big time!


Facebook Expands Ad Breaks for Live and Uploaded Videos
Publishers and creators might soon be able to make more money off their Facebook video content. Facebook is expanding three types of video ads for both the social network and publishers’ websites, giving us more tools to play with!


Line Doubles its Stake in Snow
Ahead of Snap’s eagerly awaited IPO – Line, one of the U.S. tech IPO highlights of 2016, has doubled down on sister service and Snapchat clone Snow. Line and Snow both share the same parent company – Naver, but the two firms have increasingly become financially entwined. Hopefully, this move pays off!


By introducing the new carousel feature, Instagram is really going far with how much they can do for their users. With the ability to share a collection of stories and trends, it would be interesting to see how brands would make use of it.


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