Impact Makers Yan Yeh Ying
Yan Yeh Ying, Creative Lead for our Singapore market, shares how she mentors a group of creatives while balancing timelines and the requirements of clients.


At Lion & Lion, giving our people opportunities to grow is deeply embedded in the way we work. Our new Impact Makers series focuses on how our Lions make an impact in their professional and personal lives through stories that share their growth and experiences.


Yan Yeh Ying, Creative Lead for our Singapore market, shares how she mentors a group of creatives while balancing timelines and the requirements of clients. Yan started out as one of them, and her journey to become a creative lead is one filled with passion, excitement and the courage to step outside of her comfort zone. In this quick interview, Yan shares her thoughts as a team leader and what motivates her in her new role.


Tell us more about your role here at Lion & Lion.

As the creative lead for the Singapore market, my role is to oversee the team’s work and build creative brand solutions for our clients that operate in Singapore and regionally.

What inspired you to join the creative industry?

My parents discovered and encouraged my artistic talent when I was young, taking shape in drawings and other art forms. This was carried through different stages of my life, and eventually led me to this role. I enjoy developing ideas that work and being in the creative industry allows me to be experimental and think creatively to solve a problem with an artistic twist. 


What was it like to transition from an Art Director to a Creative Lead?

It’s a great new challenge to have, and very rewarding. There are added responsibilities on top of my previous role as art director such as hiring, managing and allocating the team on the projects. I’m also much more involved in the business side of things; thankfully, I receive support and guidance from the team to ensure my growth in this role.


What do you think are the biggest misconceptions around working in your field?

I think the biggest misconception around the field is the importance of visual communication. The consumers nowadays have less time to capture the brand essence and what the benefits are of a product or service. Hence, it’s very important to create a visual story that communicates with them. Considering the amount of work and skills it takes, I feel this is sometimes taken for granted. 


What do you think is the key to being a great designer?

Ideation is very important to be a great designer. A great designer should not limit themselves to just being good at executional work but also practicing the skill of research and ideate. The artwork produced by the designers should be backed by rationale or reasons on why it was done in a certain way. To be great at what they do the designers need to have an eye for details and modern trends of design. A great designer needs to be bold and dare to be different from the others in the industry.


What does ‘making an impact’, one of Lion & Lion’s core values, mean to you and the work that you do?

I believe in creating inspiring and meaningful designs to influence and shape the minds of people positively. Art and design definitely plays a role in making it visually impactful. At the same time, I don’t mind making fun projects as long as people find themselves connected to it.


Where do you find creative inspiration?

I get my creative inspiration from reading, even though I am a visually-driven person but I believe reading helps in improving imagination without being fed by visuals. Research also plays an important role as a thought starter. Inspiration doesn’t come by idling and thinking, I believe by getting yourself exposed to other information can spark a different light.


How do you see your team growing?

I encourage my team to work independently and not to be hesitant in creating something completely new. I would also like for them to keep experimenting and discovering new methods and skills that are beneficial for their personal growth as well. Lastly, I believe a group of people with the same vision can grow strong together as a team.


What advice would you give to those planning to start their careers in design?  

Passion is definitely the key to keep motivated and keep going. Also, practice makes perfect! Always practice and explore to keep improving your skill sets. Learn from others, especially the top line designers and inspiring creatives in the industry that you will look up to. Here at Lion & Lion, we encourage designers to push themselves and take feedback with each other to improve further.



About this series: Impact Makers is a new series that goes behind the scenes of our Lions, exploring their passions, motivations and aspirations in the creative industry.  


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