Conversations around corporate wellbeing are getting louder as everyone begins to understand the crucial role employee wellbeing plays in the overall scheme of a successful organization. Wellbeing encompasses the physical, emotional, and financial health of employees and are interrelated to maximise employee performance and make the organization a great place to work.



With the rise of technology, digitalisation and a multigenerational workplace, the changing dynamics of today’s work environment are blurring the lines between work and life making it crucial for organizations to take a step to enable a healthy workforce. Lion & Lion believes in investing in a culture of happiness and wellbeing empowering employees to drive success both inside and outside the workplace. This Wellness Day was the starting of our ongoing ‘Wellness Program’ to cultivating a positive workplace culture where employees feel a sense of belonging, feel motivated and build strong relationships with colleagues.



The Wellbeing Day kicked off with various activities organised to engage employees. The day started with an ‘Office Yoga’ session in the morning where everyone learned multiple positions to combat the negative impact of sedentary lifestyles and achieve mindfulness.

The ‘Mental Health Talk’ was organised to help create awareness on the importance of mental wellbeing and encourage discussions to express themselves. A delectable spread of fresh fruits was laid out for everyone to enjoy after undertaking their health check-up test.



The fun-filled day came to an end with an electrifying Zumba session.

In the future, Lion & Lion will be working towards translating this kickstarter event into a full- fledged ‘Wellbeing Program’ designed to focus on employee wellbeing and happiness at the workplace.