Following Safi’s 2018 launch in Indonesia, the partnership aims to strengthen Safi’s brand presence and position as a halal, natural, and tested skincare brand while highlighting its technological advancements. Lion & Lion will be responsible for the overall digital strategy, content development and social management.


“Lion & Lion displayed a strong understanding of the Indonesian skincare market, and we were impressed by their ability to combine insight and strategy relevant to Safi. Being a new player in Indonesia’s competitive skincare market, we believe that our partnership with Lion & Lion will be instrumental in building our position,” says Diana Susiany, Marketing Manager for Safi.


Managing Director for Lion & Lion in Indonesia, John Campbell-Bruce, states, “Safi is a unique brand with a distinctive and unique selling proposition. Our research showed, that the skincare brand has great potential, and we are looking forward to building Safi’s comprehensive range of halal skincare brands as the most preferred in Indonesia.“


The skincare range is developed by Safi Research Institute, the first and largest halal skincare research institute located in Malaysia. Safi has been in Malaysia for more than 30 years and launched in Indonesia in early 2018. Its products are available in various cosmetics stores, supermarkets and health and beauty shops.


John Cambell-Bruce recently joined Lion & Lion as the new Managing Director for Lion & Lion in Indonesia, read more here.


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