Unikeys, a fintech startup dedicated to designing and providing secure hardware wallet solutions, is working with digital marketing agency Lion & Lion across multiple markets. The partnership sees Lion & Lion helping Unikeys in its execution, launch and media campaigns across the US, UK, Japan, France and Singapore.


Regarding the partnership, Alexandre Tabbakh, CEO and Co-founder of Unikeys, says “Lion & Lion holds comprehensive local consumer insights and can help us understand the overall consumer journey on various digital media platforms. The partnership with Lion & Lion is instrumental in reaching a wider audience in our key markets and an opportunity for Lion & Lion to gain more knowledge about the crypto and blockchain space.”

Supriya Jain, Managing Director of Lion & Lion in Hong Kong says, “Through strategic thinking and expertise in media management, we can help Unikeys build their presence and awareness about the UKey card benefits. We are truly excited to bring Unikeys on board as our first blockchain-related client in the Hong Kong Market, and to help Unikeys drive awareness further”


Founded in Hong Kong, the UKey card is the world’s first biometric-secured smart crypto wallet that allows users to store and use multiple forms of cryptocurrencies in the simplest and most secure way for blockchain powered ecosystems.


The pre-sale campaign for the Ukey card launched in May. The main objective of the campaign is to drive awareness regarding the Unikeys brand as well as drive Ukey card pre-sales via its website. For more information on the safe and secure cryptocurrency wallet, visit https://unikeys.io/


Alexandre Tabbakh explains, “Unikeys is a tool that delivers and facilitates secure blockchain powered ecosystems. Unikeys has a primary goal to empower users to seamlessly and safely adopt and use cryptocurrency in daily life by putting users’ first, as well as fostering strong relationships with its community.”


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